LIARS and LIES in Shakespeare

The top ten types of lies and liars:

1. A notorious liar as in everybody knows your propensity for avoiding facts. You have such an unsavoury reputation only strangers are misled and then not for long.

GUEST Post: Translating Shakespeare to “Modern English”: A Defence

Translating Shakespeare spans centuries and many languages. Late in the 20thC it has become the turn of Early Modern English to be made into Modern English. Many are against this practice. I mean would we do the same for Middleton or Marlowe?

Original Pronunciation Post...

Anyways Original Pronunciation has entered my world en masse this last week. If you are curious about OP then start by pressing here: which leads you to Paul Meier’s excellent free e-book.

Dating Sonnet 107...

This process is known as attribution. Accepting the fact that Shakespeare of Stratford wrote his plays, poems and sonnets, we need to agree on when that happened.

IDEA Sonnet to the Readers

If you doubt Shakespeare you doubt his friends. Michael Drayton was a friend. Mikey wrote sonnets and published them year after year from 1594-1637.

A plain reading of the sonnets

Let’s call this a PLAIN reading of the Sonnets.
Intent is a fickle mistress. What we intended and what we have done is here for your appraisal and approval. Or diss! Kan ook!

The 10 MUSE Sonnets

You can find the Muse in these sonnets. Note they are all capitalised. Also note how the tone of voice progresses.

Sonnet 71 Shakespeare's Grave

Embedding for Shakespeare. We feel like a press correspondent covering a war. Which the authorship question undoubtedly is. As much as we don’t want to choose sides, we know where we lie. Just as Shakespeare does in his grave.


Today’s post is actually an added page above called


Them Bare Necessities-

1. Mathematics – rhythm, pace, measure, time passing
2. Beauty – language, poetry, tone of voice
3. Drama – body, senses and wits, mood, emotions
4. Philosophy – mind , history, abstract + concrete thought


When reciting a sonnet, your mind, body and voice [...]

Twenty Ten...

Approaching six thousand readers. Thank you for reading. OK maybe three thousand are me, but that still leaves 3,000. Why that’s the capacity crowd of the Globe Theater. The old one then.

It is a commonplace of blogs to mourn the lack of readership. But then why do it? It is because you read and [...]